Welcome to the web home of Gethsemane Lutheran Church. We are a Lutheran (LCMS) congregation in downtown Marion, Ohio. Each week we gather to hear the good news of God's mercy in Jesus Christ, our Savior. Together we are renewed in our baptism, receive absolution, and receive Holy Communion through which God gives us forgiveness, life, and salvation. We believe the Holy Scriptures found in the Old and New Testaments are the inerrant Word of God and confess the teachings of the evangelical Lutheran church found in the Book of Concord as the true doctrine of Christ drawn from the Scriptures.  We welcome you to come and hear the good news with us.

 Pentecost and the Trinity Season
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The two cycles of the Church year meet at Pentecost Sunday and Holy Trinity Sunday.  The Festival season begins with Advent and takes us through the life of Christ. It reminds of the saving acts of God's Son on our Behalf.  It reminds us of His incarnation, manifestion to the nations, His suffering and death, His glorious resurrection, and finally His ascension at the right hand of God.  The Festival season ends with the celebration of Pentecost in which the risen and ascended Lord pours out the Holy Spirit upon the Church.  

The Trinity Season takes up where Pentecost leaves off.  Christ has poured out His Spirit upon the Church and, as our Lord promised the disciples, the Holy Spirit brings to mind all that Christ said to them.  So, while the first half of the Church year focuses on the doing of Christ, the second half, the Trinity season focuses on the teachings of Christ.  Through the teaching of Christ, which the Holy Spirit empowers the apostles to remember, the Holy Spirit now leads the Church into all truth, the truth that Jesus taught us.